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Our car rental agency client had been internally managing his Google Ads pay-per-click advertising account for over a year. His competition began advertising on Google Ads in increasing volume, and our client’s on-page ad positions began decreasing. With higher competition for relevant keywords, our client’s account was becoming far more expensive and ROI was decreasing.


  1. Increase in conversions (Phone calls)
  2. decrease in cost per conversion 
  3. Increase in conversion rate


TRP Digital rebuilt the clients google ads account from the ground up, splitting it into meaningful campaigns that targeted specific demographics. We built an attractive ad copy with proper positive and negative keyword implementation. As a result, Ad engagement began increasing, which lowered the cost-per-conversion for the client’s Ads.


Here’s a comparison of a client’s campaign performance during the “June 2020 month” before managing their Ads: 

Here’s a achievement of a client’s campaign performance when client reached us in November 2020

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